Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Driver's Document?

The IDD is a non-governmental ID card in English, that enables you to translate your valid national driver's license into 16 foreign languages and store it as a digital copy on your smartphone. This is ideal for travelers visiting multilingual destinations. No test required and the IDD is valid for up to three years. This document is used in conjunction with, but does not replace, your valid national license.

What are the benefits of having the traditional translation document?

If you do not have a smartphone, you may choose the high quality IDD leather booklet, which translates your valid driver's license in 9 languages. This booklet is used in conjunction with, but does not replace, your valid national license.

Is this document a valid form of identification or replaces my state-issued driver's license?

The IDD is a non-governmental document and it does not substitute your state-issued driver's license or photo ID. This supplementary document simply acts as a translation and digital storage of your valid national driver's license. This is not the IDP of AAA or AATA.

Why does the date of birth not appear on the document?

The statute 877.18 of the Florida State law certifies that the date of birth cannot appear in a non-governmental document without a notary republic and in the presence of the owner of the driver's license. Since we provide this document mostly via Internet, we do not meet this requirement; therefore must issue the IDD without the date of birth.

My driver's license will expire soon, may I still apply for the IDD?

In order to apply for the IDD you must present a national driving permit valid for 30 days or more from the issue date of the IDD.

Can I purchase car insurance with the IDD?

As requirements vary from region to region you are advise to enquire directly with local insurances companies.

What do I need to apply?

1- Photocopy of current valid driver's license (valid for 30 days or more)
2- Applicant's photo in color with solid background (should not be the same photo used in your current driving permit)
3- Completed and signed application form.

How can I apply?

Our application process is fast and simple. Complete the IDD application form, attach a copy of your valid driver's license, your hand written signature and a color ID photo, and make the payment. You may apply online, by regular post mail or in person. For assistance in uploading the images, please click here.

What is the cost of the service?

The price list is detailed in this link, please click here.

How can I make a payment?

There are various convenient options for payment: check, credit / debit card, money order or wire transfer. Please click here for details.

Which category should I choose?

The category must be the same as your regular driver's license. See more details with a click here.

Will my full name appear on my international driver's document?

We are obliged to issue the international driver's license in the name, as it appears, on the original driver's license, as our document is an accurate translation of your driving permit.

What if my license has no expiration date?

We have an updated list of countries whose national driver's license is permanent. We are only authorized to accept documents from these countries without expiration dates.

How can I upload or attach the required images?

Please visit our "help with images/photos" section to receive a description of the 3 required images and how to create and upload those graphic files.

What is the cost of shipping?

Continental U.S, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US territories, USPS service is FREE (without tracking number).
Federal Express costs USD 15 for express service in the U.S.
International deliveries via DHL / Federal Express costs USD 35.
Fore more detailed information please visit the pricing page.

How long should I wait to receive it?

USPS shipping USA: 6-10 business days
FEDEX Express USA: 2-4 business days
FEDEX / DHL International: 3-6 business days
Fore more detailed information please visit the pricing page.

Can you ship the license to PO BOX addresses?

The free USPS option allows delivery to P.O. Boxes, however, FedEx / DHL does not.

Can the shipping estimate time vary?

Yes, certain restrictions imposed by customs in areas such as Africa, The Middle East and Asia may apply.

What happens if a USPS package is lost?

IDL Services Inc. relinquishes all responsibilities for delays, lost, stolen or damaged documents of USPS deliveries. We highly recommend FEDEX for more effective service.

What is the shipping cost for Puerto Rico and US territories?

Deliveries in ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO, US VIRGIN ISLANDS and GUAM cost $35.00 via FedEx / DHL.

Any other question, please contact us with a click here.