International Driving Permit in Armenia

Ancient monastery in Tatev Armenia

Armenia has an outstanding collection of medieval monasteries scattered across the country as one of its main attractions; tourists can also find breath-taking landscapes, perfect for hiking, picnics and more. Yerevan, its capital city, is one of the most appreciated places to visit as well. Most international tourists come from Russia, EU states, the United States and Iran. Since 2007 and despite internal and external problems, tourism has been increasing.

The International Driver’s Document is very useful in Armenia, you can drive with your valid driving license and the International Driving Permit of IDL Services Inc. If you currently have a valid domestic Driver’s License of your country of origin, click here to apply for the International Driving License of IDL Services Inc.

How to Apply for the International Driver’s License of Armenia

The official International Driver’s License in Armenia can be issued in the following institutions:
Automobile Federation of Armenia

For General Rules and advice for Driving in this country, please click here.