Online Application
Posted by Gaston Laugé

The application process is simple, with just 3 single steps to apply.

1. Complete this form with your information and the documents required
(if you don’t have images or photos handy, no problem, you can send them later by email)
2. Confirm all data entered
3. Choose your preferred shipping and payment method

After this, your International Driver’s Document will be processed, shipped and delivered to your address.

  • Applicant information:

  • Drivers License Information

    Choose the same category as your driver's license course allows you - eg B for passenger cars
  • Expiration date:
  • Shipping Information

  • New IDL Account:

  • Required photos

  • These samples are images to download: Click here to receive help with the images scanning

    Please, only in JPG format

  • If you don’t have the required images or you are experiencing problems in the uploading, please send them by email at or using Whatsapp with the link below.