International Driver's License in Benin

Beach at Benin

Even though Benin is a small country, it offers a high concentration of tourist attractions. Abomey is one its most visited attractions, with palaces that became a World Heritage Site in 1982. There are 578 kilometres of railroad in the country, which were developed under a joint effort with the Republic of Niger. For nature lovers, in north Benin the national parks have one of the best wildlife parks, in which lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and many other species thrive.

The International Driver’s Permit is very useful in Benin, you can drive with your valid driving permit and the International Driving Permit of IDL Services Inc. If you currently have an up-to-date domestic Driver’s License of your country of origin, please click here to apply now for the International Driver’s License of IDL Services Inc.

How to Apply for the International Driver’s Document of Benin

The official International Driving License in Benin can be issued in the following institutions:
Agence Nationale des Transports Terrestres

For further General Rules and advice for Driving in Benin, please click here.