The Non Government ID Card

Non Government ID Card

The Identification Card of IDL Services Inc. is a non-governmental translation ID Card in multiple languages of your existing, officially issued document. This high quality CR80 scratch-free PVC card is a perfect complement for your existing national identification, allowing you to translate your personal information to English, Spanish and Chinese. This document is valid anywhere in the world. However, it’s not a meant to be a replacement of your official identification document, it’s a complementary identification card you can use to show your identification in a modern, stylish and high quality translation format. 

 One of the Best Features is to Keep a Digital Copy of your official ID in an encrypted cloud-based server as a backup. You only need a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to view it! Imagine having a perfect way to access and keep a secure copy of your important official identification and a quick way to print it, at any time!


APPLICATION IS FAST AND SIMPLE! You only need your current, up-to-date valid ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Government ID Card) and No test is required.  We ship anywhere in the world and for a limited time, the price is reduced to just $24.99!