International Driving Permit in Brazil

international driving license brazil

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. Its ample range of options includes natural areas, beaches, and adventure travel, as well as historic and cultural tourism. There are countless places where tourists can spot iconic species in Brazil, including toucans, howler monkeys, capybara, scarlet macaws, pink dolphins, sea turtles and other species.

The International Driving License is very useful in Brazil, you can drive with your valid driving permit and the International Driver’s Document of IDL Services Inc. If you have a valid domestic Driver’s License of your country of origin, please click here to apply for the International Driver’s Permit of IDL Services Inc.

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How to Apply for the International Driver’s Permit of Brazil

The official International Driving License in Brazil can be issued in the following institutions:

Confederação Brasileira de Automobilismo

For General Recommendations for Driving in Brazil, please click here.