Top Cities for Tourism in 2019


Being among the 10 most visited cities in the world is a privilege gained on the basis of effort, but being able to stay on the podium of the first three places for almost a decade, is an indicator of absolute commitment to tourism.

And it is no surprise that the nations on our list have established themselves in their positions and seek to overcome themselves, among the Top Ten contenders. Asia and Europe are the continents that carry the baton in this countdown.

Here are the Top Cities for Tourism in 2019:

10) Antalya (Turkey)


This city located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, with a population of barely one and a half million inhabitants, received 12.41 million tourists in the last year alone. It’s clean and warm beaches, ancient architecture, museums, historic center, highlands and serene bays; added to a comfortable hotel network, an active cultural and nightlife, and culinary delights with unique flavors, place this city in tenth place.

One of the most visited architectural attractions is the ‘Adriano Gate’, built on two levels with marble and colorful engravings, which was erected in 130 A.D. in honor of the visit of the Roman emperor Hadrian. This city is also known as the ‘Paradise of the Earth’ and the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’.

9) Tokyo (Japan)


This metropolis inhabited by more than 37 million people, is the vibrant capital of Japan and the most populous city on the planet. In 2019 it received almost thirteen million tourists; 12.93 million to be exact.

Visitors from all over the world come together, attracted by its exotic food and cutting-edge technology. It is an ideal place both for shopping, and connecting with ancient cultures.

In this land of contrasts you can visit the Senso-Ji Buddhist Temple, erected in the seventh century (645) and from there go to the Ginza area, where the world's largest fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci are located , Rolex, Armani, Louis Vuitton, or Bulgari.

8) Istanbul (Turkey)


Formerly known as Constantinople, with it's 15 million inhabitants this cities importance and attractiveness has been counted on for centuries. Istanbul's strategic geographical location between Asia and Europe, has made it the capital of empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. It has invaluable historical areas that were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In 2019, alone it was visited by 13.4 million tourists, who arrive to enjoy a city located between 2 seas (Marmara and Black) and where you can also live your best life.

It has modern architectural works that contrast with its historical past. Its Tunel underground railway is the second oldest in the world and has been operational since 1875. In 2016, Eurasia, the deepest bridge in the world (106 meters) was built there.

Cruises, palaces, bazaars, a deep-rooted gastronomic tradition and diversity of churches, mosques and synagogues, converge in this beautiful city that mixes scents, colors and western and Asian traditions.

7) New York (USA)


It is called ‘The Capital of the World’ or the ‘Big Apple’ because of the variety of nationalities that live under its zip code; and it is that without a doubt the diversity that exists in New York, the most populous city in the United States, is a fundamental part of its particular attraction.

Its tourist sites are iconic worldwide and every traveler includes this metropolis in its list of places to visit. In 2019, 13.6 million tourists have arrived, not only to visit historical sites, but to participate in cultural or sporting events, such as the New York marathon.

Immigrant colonies are large, which is why in New York you can get typical meals from almost anywhere in the world. In addition, it is an important financial center and axis of fashion on the planet.

6) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


The effervescent capital of Malaysia is a young city, it was founded in 1857, if we
compare it with its other companions of the top 10, but its development has been
vertiginous and sustained, and proof of this is that it received 13.79 million tourists this year.

In it harmoniously old neighborhoods of low houses and vehicles of past decades coexist with immense skyscrapers and modern shopping centers. In the same way it is possible to eat in exquisite restaurants and meet the local food in street stalls.

Its transport system is avant-garde and modernity is a distinctive sign of this city that is constantly renewing itself. During the nights tourists like to stroll through the shopping area of Bukit Bintang, which houses very active shopping centers.

5) Singapore (Singapore)



It is a city State and capital of the country that bears the same name. Called ‘The Tiger of Asia’, this island thrills millions of tourists. In 2019, 14.67 million people have already visited it.

Singapore is an important point of world trade, but those who visit the city to enjoy the commercial district of Orchard Road, casinos, private and exotic cuisine, the always festive atmosphere, boat trips, skyscrapers and modern and bohemian life.

Public transport is efficient and modern, since the use of private vehicles is very expensive due to legislation that controls it to prevent road collapse. There are many people in a small space, so only 1 in 10 people own a car.

4) Dubai (Dubai)



Famous for its modern infrastructures, this Emirati capital city, was created to meet the needs of its visitors, was conceived to cover a very broad spectrum of tourist needs, whether they are personal, group, couple or family plans, there are events and entertainment for all there.

Its population barely exceeds 3 million inhabitants; however, in 2019, 15.93 million tourists have visited this city. It is an extravagant city, luxurious and with a lot of nightlife, and gastronomic tourism has been underpinned by an avalanche of very famous chefs.

Getting around by taxi is very economical due to the low cost of gasoline, but public transport is also efficient. Certain considerations should be taken since it is a Muslim country, there are places where shoulders and knees should be covered and women should wear a headscarf.

3) London (Great Britain)


The capital of the United Kingdom cracks the Top 3 of this list.

With almost 2,000 years of foundation, London is not only full of history, but has adapted and overcame over the years.

Its charms are varied, centuries-old and iconic buildings such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or Big Ben. The city has cosmopolitan spaces such as Trafalgar Square, luxurious department stores such as Harrods or the busy and always lively Oxford Street.

In London you will find countless museums, impressive gardens and a very active nightlife. The public transport service is considered the best in the world, so it would be a missed opportunity not to use it. This city definitely has an ancestral charm and the19.09 million tourists this year prove it.

2) Paris (France)



It is difficult to say something about Paris that has not been said before, and it is that the ‘City of Light’ has decades shining its charm and being the dream destination of millions of people around the world.

Paris is a world leader in gastronomy and fashion. The Eiffel tower is one of the best known monuments on the entire planet. But, additionally, this city offers countless cultural and recreational spaces and notable palaces such as the impressive Versailles.

19.1 million people during this year alone, filled the spaces of the Louvre Museum, the Plaza de la Batilla, the Arc de Triomphe, the Mouline Rouge, the Pantheon in Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Champ de Mars, Le Sacre Coeur ... and the list goes on. The truth is that Paris remains solid in the top 3.

1) Bangkok (Thailand)


Bangkok occupies this place of honor in world tourism since 2012. In the last year alone, 22.78 million travelers have visited Bangkok. Tourists from all over the world have been fascinated by this city and, judging by the figures, have not let them down.

The most important Buddha image in the country, is an imposing work carved in a single piece of emerald and located in the Grand Palace, built in 1782. This structure was a royal residence for 150 years and retains impressive colors, sculpture and structure.

Bangkok may seem like an overwhelming city. Its streets and markets are very crowded and a battalion of backpackers run through them every day. It has many modern shopping centers, historical places, navigable rivers with markets and floating restaurants.

It is a unique and distinctive mixture of tradition and modernity that has made it remain in this seat of honor for 8 consecutive years.

So start packing and if you decide to rent a car do not forget to get your international license through so you can drive quietly and legally.